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Check out the following links for a small sampling of the abundance of information on the web regarding cigarette litter. For a more complete list, execute a Google(sm) search on the words “cigarette” and “litter”. You’ll find thousands of matches, but if you’re patient, you’ll find some fascinating information. All links from this page will open a new window. To return here, just exit from the linked window. Please let us know if any links no longer work.

Cigarette Butt Litter – Clean Virginia Waterways

Report Cigarette Litter Here – LitterButt.Com

176 million pounds of cigarette butts – The Arizona Republic

Fighting cigarette litter in Woking Borough – Woking.Gov

Pocket Ashtray Solutions – ButtsOut.Net

Personal Cigarette Butt Disposal – TheCigaretteTube.Com

Get the drift, cigarette litter is unattractive – Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Cigarette Butt Litter Public Service Ads – Wilson Griak

Cigarette Butts Lead Litter Pack – Asbury Park Press

Opinion – Eagle News (NC)

Cigarette Litter is a Major Problem – Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

Cigarette Butts Cause Environmental Pollution – Yahoo.com

Environmental Cost of Cigarettes – Environmental Health Information Service

Cigarette Litter Poll – Pollit.Com

Cigarette butts aggravate maintenance staff – Bloomsburg University Voice News

No Butts About It Litter Campaign – Team Stein

Cigarette Clean-up Costs Thousands – University of Nebraska Lincoln

Alabama Cigarette Litter Site – Alabama PALS

Cigarette Deposit Proposal – Bangor Daily News

OPP Plans To Continue Cigarette Litter Cleanup – The Digital Collegian (Penn State)

The No Butts Bin Company – NoButts.com

Butt Stop Cigarette Disposal Systems – ButtStop.com

Oklahoma Litter Hotline – Oklahoma DOT

Swisstray Portable Ashtrays – Swisstray.com