“School officials say landscapers who should be planting flowers and pruning shrubs are spending time instead picking up butts on the 15,000-acre campus: Some 13 landscapers spend 10 hours a week picking up discarded cigarettes at an estimated cost of $150,000.”

— Philadelphia Daily News, March 27, 2000 on Penn State Cigarette Litter Costs


CigaretteLitter.Org is an informal, non-profit organization dedicated to dramatically reducing cigarette litter across the United States. Our goal is to accomplish this task by raising public awareness of the issue and educating communities about the facts regarding cigarette litter. We want to form a network of smokers and non-smokers, individuals and businesses, non-profit and government organizations, local police and fire departments, and anyone else who shares our goal of a national landscape free of cigarette litter.

This website is just one way that we are spreading the word about cigarette litter. We are also seeking the necessary funding to pursue mailings and to place ads in local and national media outlets. The more people understand the truth about cigarette litter, the fewer people will litter. As public opinion on the issue gains momentum, word of mouth will become an important vehicle for spreading the word. If you share in our mission, please continue exploring this site, and be sure to take action before you go!