“Ingestion of more than 1 cigarette or 3 cigarette butts can cause serious symptoms in a toddler.”

— National Capital Poison Center


People are reluctant to do things that they know are wrong. While most people know that littering is wrong, many smokers have somehow convinced themselves that littering cigarettes is OK. We want to get the facts out so that smokers can see that cigarette litter is indeed a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

The best way to do this is through an open discussion. This website is meant to provide a forum for that discussion, but it is just the start. You can do your part to raise awareness on this issue simply by talking about it. Many people are interested to learn that littered cigarettes cause numerous fires each year, some of them fatal. Most people know that cigarettes are not fully biodegradable, but they do not know that the filters are made of acetate, a form of plastic.

The more discussion there is on the subject, the more people will notice the mounds of cigarette butts in many public areas, and the more public support for anti-litter action will increase.