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$15K fine for littering cigarette butts!
- Daily News on 1/23/2015
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Do you know of a co-worker, friend, or other acquaintance who litters their cigarettes? Have you wanted to say something but just can't bring yourself to do it? At CigaretteLitter.Org, we encourage direct communication on this issue, but if that isn't possible, indirect communication is better than none. With this feature, you can send an anonymous e-mail message that will let the recipient know in a friendly, informative way that this is an important issue and that their actions have not gone unnoticed.

Just sending this e-mail, rather than doing nothing at all, could lead to one less person littering their butts!

You can also use this feature to send a message to anyone you think will be interested in the web site.

Recipient's e-mail address:

Below is the message template that will be sent!

A visitor to our web site entered your e-mail address into a form that automatically generated this message. This could be because you were observed littering a cigarette or because this visitor thought you would be interested in information on this topic.

Please visit to learn more about the negative impact of cigarette butt litter, including the following facts:

- Cigarettes are the number one source of litter in the world, with an estimated several trillion littered annually.

- Cigarette butts are NOT biodegradable -- they are made of plastic fibers.

- Littered cigarette filters contain toxic chemicals which are released into the environment.

- Cigarette litter causes numerous fires every year, many of which are fatal.

Thank you for reading this message and for helping us address this very important issue! Please feel free to e-mail this message to anyone else who you feel will benefit from the information.

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